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Reni Hendarati Kusharyaningsih, dr., Sp.RM.

Fakultas Kedokteran / Departemen Ilmu Kedokteran Fisik & Rehabilitasi

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Tahun : 2009

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Posting : 15-03-2012

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Author : Reni Hendarati Kusharyaningsih, dr., Sp.RM.

Year : 2009

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Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) is a metabolic bone disorder which is caused by mutation in type 1 collagen characterized by fractures following minor trauma and often associated with development of bony deformities. OI are classified into 5 types, based on image, genetic, and clinical manivestation. Treatment is directed toward preventing or controlling the symptoms, maximizing independent mobility, and developing optimal bone mass and muscle strength.

We reported a 7 years old girl that has been diagnosed suffering from Type I OI, twelve fractures on her long bone caused angulation deformities of her upper and lower extremities and kifoscoliosis deformity was found at her spine. Bracing (double H-KAFO with ischial weight sheet and HIP lock), walker, ROM exercise for the upper and lower extremity, along with breathing exercise treatment actively modified on daily and playing activity have been planned. Medicine treatment such as biphosphonat is excluded because of patient’s family inability to cover such as expenses, as such, subtitute treatment have been planned toward natural treatment concerning lifestyle, dietary and nutrisional supplement.

Our ultimate rehabilitation goal are independent mobility for regular weight exercise, muscle and bone strength which can help prevent fractures, as well as the optimalization of cardio respiratory system.

Keyword : osteogenesis imperfecta, blue sclerae, COL 1A1 or COL 1A2, vitamin D and calcium supplementation.,

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