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Prof.Dr.Indropo Agusni, dr.,Sp.KK (K)

Fakultas Kedokteran / Departemen Kesehatan Kulit dan Kelamin

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Tahun : 2007

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Publikasi : Seminar : 1st Bosnia and Herzegovina Int. Dermatovenereology Conference , Serajevo, 2007

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Posting : 17-07-2012

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Title :


Author : Prof.Dr.Indropo Agusni, dr.,Sp.KK (K)

Year : 2007

Abstact :

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Abstract  :   (Oral Presentation)




Indropo Agusni, Cita Rosita Prakoeswa, Dinar Adriaty,

Iswahyudi, Ratna Wahyuni , Shinzo Izumi

Leprosy  Study Group - Tropical Disease Center, Airlangga University,

Surabaya  -  INDONESIA


            Background  :  Multi-drug Therapy (MDT) regimens in Leprosy has been introduced since 1980s and the prevalence of the disease declined dramatically elsewhere.  But the incidence rate of leprosy is not reduced and tends to be stable in the same period, which means that MDT can not reduce the transmission of the disease. One of the possible explanation is the non-human source of M.leprae in the environment.

            Aim  :  to study the existence of  M.leprae in the environment of endemic leprosy area.

            Method  :  A  molecular epidemiological study on the environmental M.leprae was conducted in Talango Island, a hyperendemic leprosy area in Madura, East Java, with a leprosy prevalence of  35 per 10.000 population. The survey including a) PCR study for detection of M.leprae from the nasal cavity (nose swab specimens) and b) PCR study for detection of M.leprae from public water resources. Nose swab and water specimens were examined by PCR method using the TTC nested primers to detect the DNA of M.leprae.

            Results  :  From the 318 nose swab specimens obtained from healthy villagers showed 42 (13%)  positive for M.leprae.  Water specimens from 69 traditionally wells from this area showed 19 (27.5%) positive for M.leprae.

            Discussion  :  The existence of  M.leprae in the nasal cavity of healthy villagers could be originated from the individual itself as Subclinical Leprosy state, or aspirated by droplets from other leprosy patients. But many of this healthy villagers have no history of leprosy contact in the family. The other possibility is the M.leprae was be aspirated from the dust in the environment, which bring the bacilli. The existence of M.leprae in the water resources need further study, since most of wells in this area were very deep wells that it is impossible for the bacilli live in this condition.

            Conclusion  :  Although the existence of M.leprae in the environtment of leprosy endemic areas still debatable, it needs special attention for the possibility of non-human resource of transmission of the disease.


Key words  :   leprosy  -  environment  -  non-human resourceof M.leprae

Keyword : leprosy - environment - non-human resource of M.leprae ,

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