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Prof. Dr. Agung Pranoto, dr.,MSc.Sp.PD-KEMD

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  1. Askandar Tjokroprawiro
  2. Sri Murtiwi
  3. Soebagijo Adi S.
  4. Agung Pranoto
  5. Ari Sutjahjo
  6. Sony Wibisono
  7. Ulfa Kholili --> Peneliti Utama
  8. Lea Ms

Tahun : 2006

Halaman Naskah : 1 halaman

Sumber Dana : Pusat Diabetes Nutrisi RSUD Dr. Soetomo & FK. Unair

Besaran Dana : 5000000

SK. Penetapan :

Publikasi : Seminar : Seminar Surabaya Metabolic Syndrome Update - 2, AbstrakThe Metabolik Syndrome (The MetS) 2006

Kategori Penelitian : Kesehatan

Posting : 09-02-2012

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Title :


Author : Prof. Dr. Agung Pranoto, dr.,MSc.Sp.PD-KEMD

Year : 2006

Abstact :



Ulfa  Kholili, Askandar Tjokroprawiro, Lea MS, Sri Murtiwi, Soebagijo Adi,

Agung Pranoto, Hendromartono, Ari Sutjahjo, Sony Wibisono


Diabetes and Nutrition Centre ‑ Department of Internal Medicine, Dr Soetomo Hopital

Airlangga University School of Medicine, Surabaya


Background :

Metabolic Syndrome ( MetS) leads to a cluster of abnormalities with many clinical consequences, especially cardiovascular events. Prothrombotic state is one of 6‑Major Components of the MetS. Fibrinogen strongly affects homeostasis, blood rheology, platelet aggregation, and endothelial function where hypercoagulable state clearly favors the thrombotic, aspect of cardiovascular disease (CVD)

Obiective : to evaluate the possibility that fibrinogen level represent a cardiovascular risk factor associated with MetS components in T2DM population

Material and Methods :

An observational study. Subjects who enrolled study were T2DM patients (N=176) consisted of 34.7% ( ) and 65.3% ( ). Hyperfibrinogenernia is fibrinogen >350mg/

dl. MetS criteria based on modified WHO 1998.

Result :

The prevalence of MetS was 53.97%. The mean of age, duration for suffering DM, 13MI, systolic and diastolic blood pressure were respectively 57.23±11.91 y.o, 12.02±10.99 years, 27.73±3.51,136.96±22.76 and 84.23±10.00 mmHg. The mean of HDL, TG and LDL were 44.31±12.53, 184.07±95.36, and 124.55±36.47 mg/dI. Prevalence of positive TAT was 49.2%. The mean of blood and plasma viscosity were 5.09±5.00 and 1.82±0.98. The prevalence of hyperfibrinogen was high (39.74­50%) in obese, HT, high TG, low HDL, uncontrolled DM, proteinura and abnormalities ECG patients. Statistical test revealed correlation between fibrinogen and TG (r = 0.168 with a < 0.05); fibrinogen and blood viscosity (r = 0.469 with a <

0.01) significantly.


The prevalence of MetS in T2DM population is high enough. The prevalence of hyperfibrinogen was found more in MetS compared than non‑MetS. Predictive association test showed insignificant result, this fact may associated with inadequate sample size. Fibrinogen showed correlation significantly with TG level and blood viscosity.


Keyword : Metabolic Syndrome (MetS),

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