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Prof. Dr. Suhartono Taat Putra, dr., MS

Fakultas Kedokteran / Departemen Patologi Anatomi

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Tahun : 2008

Halaman Naskah : 45 halaman

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SK. Penetapan : SK Dekan FK Unair No. 3082/H3.1.1/PPd.15/2009

Publikasi : Seminar : Hubungan Kanker Kolorektal Dengan pola makam Yang Dilakukan di Poli Bedah RSU Dr. Soetomo

Kategori Penelitian : Kesehatan

Posting : 26-04-2012

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Title :

Hubungan Kanker Kolorektal Dengan pola makam Yang Dilakukan di Poli Bedah RSU Dr. Soetomo

Author : Prof. Dr. Suhartono Taat Putra, dr., MS

Year : 2008

Abstact :

Based on literatures, colorectal cancer can be caused by many causes, which one of them is bad dietary pattern whereas in the last recent years the incidence of colorectal cancer is increased and ones' eating styles which prefer the taste to the nutrition contained in foods. The purpose of this paper is to identify whether there are significant relations between colorectal cancer and dietary pattern and its use are for references for evaluating the risk factors of colorectal cancer.

Colorectal cancer usually grows from secretory glands in mucosa layers. Some theories stated that cancer cells can grow because of the free radical exposure for decent to long time, without being balanced by sufficient antioxidant to bind free radicals which can be fulfilled by consuming vegetables and fruits as vitamin A, C, and E. Dietary fibers also stated has a expectation to prevent the incidence of colorectal cancer by increasing the volume of stool so it would reduce the colon transit time required whereas if stool, which contains toxins, is being held in colon or rectum for long time could cause colorectal cancer. In addition to oxidized free fatty acids which are protooncogens.

This paper study design is an analytic observational retrospective study using a total population sampling for colorectal cancer patients in Surgical Department of Dr. Soetomo General Hospital using an interview of daily food pattern which will be converted into amounts of dietary fibers, fats, and vitamins taken and compared to control group, the non colorectal cancer patients in Dr. Soetomo General Hospital.

The result of this study using Mann-Whitney U test, showed that the relations between simultaneously, dietary fiber taken by the sample group and control is p=0.895, fat taken is p=0.218, vitamin A is p=0.286, vitamin C is p=0.684, and vitamin E is p=0.826, with α = 0.05. The conclusion of this study is that there are no significant relations between colorectal cancer and patients' daily food pattern in Dr. Soetomo General Hospital and the incidence of colorectal predisposed by multifactorial causes, such as genetic factors and exposure of toxic material.

Keyword : colorectal, colon, rectal, cancer, dietary pattern, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, fiber, fat,

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