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Prof. Dr. Suhartono Taat Putra, dr., MS

Fakultas Kedokteran / Departemen Patologi Anatomi

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Tahun : 2010

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SK. Penetapan : 61/H3.1.1/KD/2010

Publikasi : Seminar: Hubungan antara Riwayat Sectio Caesarea pada Ibu dengan Kejadian Sectio Caesarea pada Kehamilan Berikutnya

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Posting : 09-04-2012

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Title :

Hubungan antara Riwayat Sectio Caesarea pada Ibu dengan Kejadian Sectio Caesarea pada Kehamilan Berikutnya

Author : Prof. Dr. Suhartono Taat Putra, dr., MS

Year : 2010

Abstact :


Sectio caesarea is a way of giving birth to a fetus by incision through the uterine wall of the front wall of the stomach or a hysterotomia for delivery of the fetus in the uterus. One of sectio caesarean indications is a history of sectio caesarea. This study

classified types of observational analytic study aimed to analyze the relationship between the history of the sectio caesarea and sectio caesarea in subsequent pregnancies. Research design used is the control case with a total sampling technique. The number of samples are 65 peoples for groups of sectio caesarea and 67 peoples for groups of non-.sectio caesarea. Data retrieval is done by seeing medical record during the month of December 2009 until January 2010 in medical record center of Dr. Soetomo hospital, Surabaya.

Data analysis conducted descriptively presented in form of cross tabulation and percentage. Analytical analysis is done using chi-square methode with 95% significant level (p <0.05) to determine the risk between independent variables and the dependent variables are using the Odds Ratio to determine an estimate of the risk of a history of sectio caesarea in sectio caesarea subsequent pregnancies.

These results indicate that the history of sectio caesarea influential as a risk factor for incident sectio caesarea in subsequent pregnancies (P = 0.000 <0.05, OR = 18.286; 95% CI = 5,206-64,22?). So, the mother with a history of sectio caesarea 18.286 times increased risk sectio caesarea events compared with women without a history sectio caesarea.

Based on the research results suggested advice is to lower rates of sectio caesarea by the government in cooperation with medical personnel, departments and several related parties (health centers, midwives, etc.) to give explanation to a woman who was old enough to do sectio caesarea that should be done if there specific indication, introducing methods of Vaginal Birth after Caesarean (VBAC), which is a process conducted spontaneous labor after sectio caesarea in previous pregnancies in the community, and promote the benefits of spontaneous labor and explained that the process of spontaneous birth is better than giving birth to sectio caesarea in economic terms as well as maternal and infant health.



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