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Prof. Dr. David S. Perdanakusuma, dr., Sp.BP(K)

Fakultas Kedokteran / Departemen Ilmu Bedah Plastik

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Tahun : 2011

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Publikasi : Seminar : The 2nd Joint Scientific Meeting in Dentistry, Bumi Surabaya Hotel, December 3, 2011

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Posting : 28-02-2012

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Title :

Wound Regeneration With Stem Cell Technique

Author : Prof. Dr. David S. Perdanakusuma, dr., Sp.BP(K)

Year : 2011

Abstact :

Wound Regeneration With Stem Cell Technique


David S Perdanakusuma

Plastic Surgery Department

Airlangga University School of Medicine - Soetomo General Hospital

Surabaya - Indonesia


            Wound regeneration is a effort process of the body to repair the damages that occurs as a part of wound healing process. This is a complex process requiring many components. In physiological condition, wound regeneration process  goes naturally following the phases of wound healing which include inflammation, proliferation, and remodeling.  Wound regeneration may be hampered due to infection problem, non-vital tissue, and exudates. In addition either soft tissue or hard tissue defect is often quite a complicated problem too. To overcome these circumstances several efforts must be made in addition to natural processes occurring on the body.

            Currently stem cell issues give so many promises for the future of medicine. In terms of wound healing clinicians do hope that stem cell will be useful to solve wound healing problems. Stem cell has lately been reported to be beneficial in wound regeneration process. Various studies has been developed to explore the potential use of stem cell on several components in wound healing process, as to facilitate optimal regeneration, rapid1 wound healing, and tissue or organ replacement if possible for the required structure. Clinical stem cell application has already been started. It is time for us now to follow this progress. Stem cell technology is probably the future treatment of choice to optimize wound regeneration.

Key words : wound, healing, regeneration, stem cell


Keyword : wound, healing, regeneration, stem cell,

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